Pingdingshan TianJing Plant Albumen Co.,Ltd. founded in 1997, is the earliest enterprise of manufacturing soy protein with annual production capacity of soy protein 10,000 metric tons.
      With raw material from Chinese excellent NON GMO soyabean, TianJing Company strictly classified process control into more than two hundred sections to make digital control according to management system of ISO9001:2000 and HACCP. TianJing Company inputs the third authority inspection while improving internal three grades quality control management system to ensure the stability and credibility of finished product before out of factory.
      Experiencing more than ten year¡¯s technical accumulation, TianJing Company has grown into the largest production base of soy protein for Chinese low temperature meat and has absolute advantage on injection soy protein at domestic and abroad. Meanwhile, TianJing Company has developed out characteristic protein for high temperature meat and flour product according to customers requirements.
      TianJing Company has cooperated with Chinese several universities to establish integrative lab and provide suitable projects according to customers¡¯ requirements. TianJing Company has developed new product to match the market demand and provide replacement solution of high quality protein and OEM service for agent.
      TianJing Company would like to hand in hand with all friends at domestic and abroad to strive forward together to establish the first brand of Chinese high quality protein.
1.First production line with annual yields of 5000Mt was set up in year of 1998 by our predecessor: Pingdingshang Tianyu Plant Albumen Co.,Ltd
2. The second production line with annual yields of 5000Mt was built up in the year of 2006.
3. The first shareholding reform was achieved and the name was changed to Pingdingshan Tianjing Plant Albumen Co.,Ltd in the year of 2008, which is used to now.
4. Isolated soy protein designed for Chiba tofu was developed out first by our company in China and came out in our domestic market in the year of 2011.
5. Our company's first production line of soluble soy polysaccharides ran into operation in 2013.
6. Pingdingshan Shuangfeng invested and holds the biggest share in Pingjing Tianjing in 2016
7.The equipment and processing art were renovated successfully for special production of isolated soy protein using as supplement ingredients purpose in health drinks in 2017.
8. Five years development plan for 2018-2023 was made in January of 2018
            Tianjing Protein, Your best Choice.