Frequently Asked Questions

1, how to access the Tianjing Plant Protein website?
Enter "Tianjing Plant Protein" in the address field domain name or in the browser. It is recommended to set this site as a home page or add a collection for ease of use.

2, through what browser and interface resolution can meet browsing needs?
This site recommends using IE 6.0 and above browsers, 1024 × 768 and above resolutions for browsing.

3, how to retrieve website content information?
You only need to enter keywords in the search box in the upper right corner of the site’s web page. Click the "go" button to search.

4, how to collect the current web page?
You only need to click "Collection-Add to Favorites" in the web browser. After you can change the saved name of the web page, click "OK". This site provides a collection service. The "Add Collection" button at the top of each page can save the page you are browsing into the browser’s favorites.

5, browsing page garbled how to handle?
If garbled while browsing a web page, you can check the browser’s "encoding" settings to ensure that you select "UTF-8".

6, how to contact this site?
If you have problems browsing the site, open the "Technical Support" page at the bottom right of the page and send email to "Web Support:" If you have any comments or suggestions on this site, please send us your information through the "Complaint Proposal".