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The Development of Planetary Protein in Pingdingshan Tianjing

1. 1997 Pingdingshan Tianyu Plant Protein Co., Ltd. 5,000 tons The first production line was put into operation
2. In 2006, the second production line was built, and the second line has a production capacity of 5,000 tons.
3. In 2008, the joint-stock system was transformed and the company name was changed to Pingdingshan Tianjing Plant Protein Co., Ltd..
4. In 2011, the company successfully developed a one-thousand-page tofu protein and put it on the market.
5. 2014 The first production line of soybean polysaccharide was put into production in our company.
6. Introduction of strategic investors in 2016, Pingdingshan Shuangfeng Group Holdings.
7. The process of raw materials and equipment renovation and upgrading of special protein powder for health products in 2017 was successful.
8.2018 January Tianjing Board of Directors completed the five-year development plan from 2018 to 2023.


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