Application of Protein Powder in Soybean Products

Application of 1 soybean protein in tofu
As a traditional food, tofu has a history of more than 2,000 years and has rich nutritional value. The traditional tofu processing process is: soybean → selection → soaking → grout → filtration → boiled pulp mixed → squatting brain → press molding[ 1] And ... Traditional tofu has a long production cycle of about 4 to 6 H; The microorganism control is difficult and the shelf life is short. Fragile, cooking properties need to be improved.
With the application of soybean protein Isolator in food field, the development of kovax bean curd made from soybean protein Isolator has been developed in the market. The processing process is to add soy separated egg day, soybean oil and starch and other ingredients and water to the chopping pan, forming the plate, cooking can be, and the processing process is simple, the production period is short, 1 to 2 H can be. The effects of time, temperature, lactone and glutamine transaminase on the strength of tofu gel were studied. The best process conditions for determining thousand-page tofu were 0.3 % TG enzyme content, 3:5 mass ratio of salad oil to soybean protein, 1:5 ratio of soybean protein to water quality, and 90 °C cooking temperature.
In addition, the yield, quality and microstructure of soybean separated egg tofu were analyzed by adding soybean protein in soybean milk solution. The results showed that the yield of tofu was higher when the addition of soybean protein was 1 % and decreased gradually with the addition of soybean protein. The water retention of tofu has been significantly improved. When the addition is 2 %, the water retention is the best; With the addition of soy protein isolate, the viscosity and elasticity of tofu decreased first, then gradually increased, but the hardness and toughness of tofu decreased with the increase of soy protein isolate. In addition, the addition of soy protein separation has also made the microstructure of tofu change significantly.
The application of soybean protein separation to the tofu field can not only improve the hardness and water retention of tofu, remove the smell of beans, but also increase the mouthfulness of tofu, increase the way tofu is eaten in food, and provide the necessary egg quality. To make up for the low daily quality of vegetarian eggs.


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